qualify of school is its ability to develop the unique eminence of the students. Hence. all the academic and extracurricular activities at KLS are designed, implemented and evaluated based on these vital measures. We believe that Lincolneeg can achieve "Quality education for humanity" which is our measures.We believe that Lincolnage can achieve "Quality education for humanity" which is our motto.


Educational Methodology

KLS has been using the most effective research based learning strategies form its beginning which provides opportunities in the filed of investigation, experience, problem solving, analytical thinking and creativity, Moreover, Lincolnees will learn by cosmetic, instructional and informational approaches i.e, CD player for math, science, art, rhymes, grammar, as well as Montessori lab, funny English festival, kerning festival, talent show competition, public speaking, art competition, filed trip,problem solving, inquiry, innovative etc, because KLS emphasizes on "paper and pencil and chalk and talk" VS snowball methodology.


Evaluation System

Lincolnites is committed to capitulated the lincolnees to develop their full potential and to be successful in their life, we observed through the multidimensional evaluation approaches, i.e., written, oral, micro-homework, class work, practical, weekly, terminal testimonials, tele-talk with parents, encouraging motion etc.


Course Content

KLS provides enrichment in the following course areas :

Technology, Creativity, Mathematics, Literature, Science, drama, Art, Music, Dance, Social life, Moral Life, Civic Education etc.