Kathmandu Lincoln School is promoted by leading academic team of Lincoln College which has more than one decade experiences in the field of education in Nepal.

Lincoln provides a world class experience where  the naturally learning abilities of the child are enhanced to develop all the aspects of individual's personality.

 Lincolnites provide children with an educational advantages by encouraging them to discover a love of learning in fun, interactive and academic setting.

We hold that there are four dimensions or aspects of human personality; physical, mental, spiritual and social. All of them are critically important for a holistic personality. So among others, we specially focus on the socialization of our wards.

We also hold that every individual is endowed with certain innate talents and gifts.what may need is a conducive environment for capacity building. Therefore KLS is earnest in providing such opportunities for building the student's capacity by proper theoretical and practical knowledge, exposure to the real life and  real time solution and training.

We are here for some reasons : we provide pre-vision, vision and post-vision career development of the students. We trace out their capacities and strengthen and inform the parents about their career, prospectus and potentialities.




KLS aims to equip students with knowledge, experience and skill for leadership role through the academic excellence to fulfill the said mission.


Goals of KLS

- Preparing children for school and social life.

- developing critical thinking and problem solving.

- Teaching the transfer of knowledge

- Promoting leadership skill.

- Encouraging innovative learning.

- Accession the students to know the rest of the world.